Friday, September 30, 2011

Internship at TASH

Time pass very fast. Today is my last day having my internship at CFD, TA Securities Holdings Berhad. Will I miss my 4 months time spent here? will I miss my colleagues? will I ... ... ... my mind suddenly come out a lot 'will I ...'.

This was my very first job in life. although I am already ** years old. Thanks to all my colleagues and interns friends. They teach me and guide me all the time. Thanks to my relative, who recommended me to have my internship at this company. I have learned a lots from here. I think is uncountable. Really appreciate the chances to learn from here.

What I have did for this 4 months time? Basically were paperwork, assignment, training, meeting and etc. Isn't bored to me? Not really, quite like and enjoy this type of job scope. But somehow, felt boring and busy with this type of job scope too. The most memorable things happen during my internship were:-

i) Bloomberg training held at Tower 2, Petronas Twin Tower, KLCC.
- Bloomberg's office was awesome. You can found a lot of foods and drinks there. The main point is, it was all FREE. There are all branded foods and drinks, really unbelievable. I like the working environment there. Between, I have learns a lot from the training which I cant learn from the lecture and tutorial.
- The view from 68th floor, Petronas Twin Tower, KLCC was awesome. This was the first time I enter Petronas Twin Towers. (not everyone is allowed to enter, except persons with the pass).

ii) conference held at Mandarin Hotel, KL

iii) lunch with client at Lai Po Heen, Mandarin Hotel, KL
- I have lunch with my colleagues and clients for around 3 hours. I miss Lai Po Heen's durian pancake. Its was really nice and delicious. You all should go and have a try on it. I believe, you will fall in love with it too.

iv) celebrate my birthday with my colleagues at Nando, KLCC.
I have lunch with my colleagues during my birthday. Thanks again for their lunch and cakes. I think this was my first time to have meal at Nando. By the way, I am not very satisfied with the foods served in Nando. I think it was quite spicy for me.

The things that I dislike the most during my internship was I have to travel to my work place by using public transport (KTM and LRT). Its was crowded with people during morning and evening time. Everyone was rushing to work or back home. The train was delay quite often due to its schedule's time table. It makes me very 'behtahan'. Waiting make people felt tired.

Anywhere, internship at TASH bring a lot memorable things to me. I hope I got chance to join this company back in the future. Cheers ~

I will definitely miss the time spent here ^^


ღ reann ღ said...

Eventually, you've done for it and I believe that you have discovered a lot of your own abilities that you never realized before. =)

All the best for your future studies. Jia You!